Chuck Miller 2019. 10days Intensive Course in Osaka


The date:
from 26th January to 4th February 2019.

11:00-17:00 daily (includes 1hour break)

1168,750yen / 10days
79,200yen / weekend4days
95,000yen / weekday5days
21,000yen / drop in

143,000yen/ 10days
67,300yen/ weekend4days
80,700yen/ weekday5days
17,800yen/ drop in

*sales tax not included
*Reservation along with payment need to be completed by 11/10

Instruction in English with Japanese translation
Space is limited: Reserve ASAP to secure your spot

D-HB Building 2F 4-7-11 Doshomachi Chuo-ku,Osaka

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<The Training>
We will have 6 hours per day for 10 days.
Each day will include a full practice session and a clinic, with a short break in between. There will be plenty of opportunity for Questions and Answers as well as talk about Yoga from a practical and philosophical perspective.
The Practice Sessions will begin slowly and in-depth to establish a deeper and more profound, more essential, more Universal starting point from which to build, or re-build your practice.
There is a smaller set of things we need to know in order to orient ourselves towards a deeper truth of how and why to practice yoga. We can truly say that the “Truth is Within!”
Learning these things is best done at the very Beginning, so we will take our time the first days to develop a common vocabulary and learn the essential body positions and actions required for healthy movements through our lives and in our practices.

This will be useful for beginning students as well as for more experienced students. For beginners it is obvious, we need guidance to get started in the correct direction. For more experienced students going deeper in the basic postures and practices will reward you with a more accurate approach which will help you to advance in a healthy and efficient way.

We will move through the traditional Ashtanga Yoga sequence. Each student will learn how to adjust the practice to suit their own unique condition.
Samasthiti will be used as an Architype, a core, essential pattern to help us understand how to work in all of our other postures and practices. The time we spend going deeper into Samasthiti will pay off in the postures that follow. The alignment principals, actions and dynamics we learn in this Archetypical posture will inform all other postures and practices.

It is a bit like learning to count to 10! Once you can count to 10 you can count to any other number. The alignment principles we use in Samasthiti will be the same as we use in all of the other postures and practices. The engagements, or ‘actions’ we use will be the same. Once we take the time to learn this smaller set of actions, alignment principles and dynamics in Samasthiti we will have a kind of “Master Key” to unlock
our Intelligence in all of our other postures and practices, in yoga and in Life!

There will be a strong focus on the quality of breath. We will also examine the work of bandhas and dristi, or gazing places

<Chuck Miller>

Chuck began his dedicated yoga practice in 1971, at the age of 17. In 1980 he met Sri K.K.Pattabhi Jois, of Mysore, South India. He studied intensively with him for many years from that time until Pattabhi’s death in 2009, at the age of 93.
Chuck teaches Ashtanga Yoga in the traditional sequential way. He also includes many years of experience and personal study of many subjects that add depth and wisdom to the practice. It is obvious that he cares deeply about the students’ progress and that they develop in a safe and effective way.